Too Many Goals – Not enough Willpower

Sometimes I feel like I want to soar to the moon.

I want to be productive and do something great. I feel like I can do anything and be anyone. I have so much pent up energy and desire to get stuff done. What stops me? I feel like if I do or try something, I’ll fail. People remind me that I will fail to. If I look to other people for encouragement, they often look at my goals and me like I’m crazy. On the flip side in my head, I think if I try that then something will go wrong and I won’t be able to do it so there is no point in even starting. Or, more often, I start something and then get bored or overwhelmed and end up quitting. How do I start or keep going once I have begun? What is the answer for you?

I am reading #GirlBoss  right now and it is really empowering and encouraging. She started just doing what she loved and it took off because she put her love sweat and tears into it. I want something to move me that much that it consumes me. It takes me to achieve my dreams. Unfortunately, I’m still looking for that thing that will push and excite me.

I guess in the meantime, I will continue to accumulate goals and see where they take me.

Goals for now:

  • Write a book; rather finish it since I’ve already started it. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but never had a great story. I’ve been reading a lot in the past two years and I think that has inspired me. Now, I have a great story I just have to work out the details.
  • Finish my reading goal for the year. 40 books, that’s it. I’m already at 27, so I’m almost there! Some of my favorites are Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series by Chanda Hahn  UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series # | [Chanda Hahn]
    and Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa.

    Yes, I know, I have a genre.

  • Work harder and smarter at my job. Right now, my job is in the slow season. It has me bored and feeling unproductive. I want to look for ways to better the company I work for, my position, and myself for my career. No idea where to start on this one.
  • This blog was originally started for that. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage back in April and am still working toward that goal. Right now, I try not to think about it too much and work toward other goals, hoping that they are achieved in the meantime.

These are my first few goals. I hope to add more as time passes and I complete these. The first step is writing them down. Let’s see where the next couple of months and year takes me. What are your goals?


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