Forbes 30 under 30

Looking at Forbes 30 under 30 can either be inspiring or depressing. Today, it was a little bit of both for me. It inspired me that I want to do something great and accomplish something big but it also depressed me to think I didn’t have any brilliant ideas to execute right away.

Michelle Phan really inspired me. 

Here is a portion of her blurb from the list:

“In 2007, she made a seven-minute how-to video and posted it on YouTube. Soon,she was getting 40,000 views a week. In 2012, her Internet popularity exploding, she started ipsy, a subscription cosmetics company that’s expected to yield $120 million in revenues in 2015. She’s also got a line of makeup with L’Oréal, a music venture that promotes artists on social media and a deal with reality-TV giant Endemol for an online lifestyle channel.”

You can see the whole thing here: Forbes 30 under 30: Art and Style

I love ipsy and birchbox. To think that she just took a small step of posting a video and it ended up leading her to an amazing life. Granted, I’m sure she worked hard along the way and there were struggles that she faced, but she made the list. She is under 30. That just speaks so much to me. You don’t have to be older and wiser to do great things. You just have to go out and do it. So, I’ve made it my new goal to make the list of 30 under 30. 

I’m taking small steps and I’m going to do something great.

I wrote a short story as my small step. 2000 words of a story can teach you a lot about trying to write 75,000-100,000 words. You have a lot of editing to do and rewriting. It’s time consuming, but I feel very reworded from doing that. Now, working toward my next steps. 

What is the small step you are going to take?


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