Be in control

I want to be in control of something, anything. I feel like everything is just happening to me and not because of me. I come to work and sit here waiting on things to flow into my queue. I’m not out there getting work or working hard, just sitting. Then at home, I pulled by the constant stream of things that I need to get done and people I need to see. When did life get so out of control?

On my book, I am trying to stay motivated but ran into a rut with taking a day off. Bad me! Where do y’all find your motivation when everything just seems to be spinning and you aren’t the one controlling things?


2 thoughts on “Be in control

  1. I can relate.
    I been living and feeling overwhelmed for the past few years.
    I’ve learned to be more “stoic” in the sense that I detache my over emtional reactions from situations and just see them as things and stuff to get done.
    I thought it was a bad thing…but experience says otherwise.
    Once you accept that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed or feel much of anything, except being involved in your own business, it all gets easier.

    Let me know if this make sense and let me know what you think about my writing on my blog. I’m fairly new to this.


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