I was filling out a couple of questions for my bible study and thought I would be a bit vulnerable and share them here. Sometimes life is rough, but God calms the storm.

  1. Consider what you discussed last week about your past. Knowing what you know now, if you could go back and relive that season, there are some things you might change. What would your future self tell your present self about your current situation?

I would tell myself that God will come through for me. I don’t need to force any situation. I would tell myself that even though I feel restless and old, that life Is long and I have a long road ahead. I would tell myself to remember to breath and relax because seasons change. Around each corner is a new challenge. Life gets easier in some ways, but in others it is just as difficult. Also, I would say that no matter how much money you have… it will never be enough so life shouldn’t be about money.

2. What is one word to describe your current season of life?


3. What is the most difficult situation you are facing right now? How do you feel about your current circumstances?

Kyle getting a job.. baby.. It fluctuates. Right now, I am trusting God and believe that He is enough for me no matter what the circumstances are.

4. What are you learning about God and yourself right now?

I’m learning that I can rest in God, and no matter what the circumstance is or how long I have to wait he is faithful. He is enough for me, and I can and am content in Him alone. I’m learning that I like a challenge and sometimes feel helpless when I don’t have anything I am working toward. Anything being any goal.

5. What do you feel like God is asking you to do? If you know what this is, what prevents you from doing it?

Trust him and be patient. Just my feelings some days, and my frustration.

6. What is one thing you’re praying for during this season of your life?

Direction for what is coming. Looking for a new adventure or challenge to achieve, dream up.


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